Beautiful and Functional Landscaping

Landscaping refers to an activity which enhances the beauty of a land. You can beautify your backyard or lawn and add a value to your property. You can embellish your land by adding color to it by decorating it with flora and giving it a natural beauty or you can do so by constructing beautiful designs and furniture within the landscape.

Many get confused between gardening and landscaping, but gardening is just one of the methods of landscaping. There is a myriad of other ways to enhance the beauty of your land. Choosing the right design for you depends on the size of your land and your budget. You can do the tasks that are simple or that you enjoy doing and hire a landscaper for the rest HERE.

Adding Flowers and Plants

Red white and blue flowers for Labor Day landscaping

Who doesn’t like the aroma of flowers? What is the best method to make your land colorful? Flora gives you both benefits, it makes your land look and smell good. You may also consider changing up the colors during the season to match certain holidays. For example, plant white Petunias, red Zinnias, and blue Forget-Me-Nots for Labor Day. Or for Halloween you may plant Marigolds, Velvet Petunias, and black Mondo Grass in a pot and place it in your landscape.

When planning what flowers and plants to grow, keep in mind that there are two different classes – annuals and perennials. Annuals only last for one season while perennials come back every season. There may be areas on your land that you would like to switch up what you grow every year. Annuals are perfect for this type of area. Perennials on the other hand come back every year so there is no need to re-plant. These types of plants would be perfect in an outdoor dining or living area due to its low maintenance characteristics.  

Constructing a Dining Area

Outdoor dining area

One of the most popular and useful idea for landscaping is by converting your empty land into an outdoor dining area. You can either purchase a long dining table and place it in the open space where you can enjoy your meals under the sky, or you can create a semi closed dining area with a roof on top. On the ceiling of the roof, you can put a chandelier to give it a dazzling effect. As per your comfort, you can add a sofa or chairs. The dining table can be of a wooden texture or you can make geometric patterns if you want to try something new. You can surround the dining area with shrubs or flowers of your choice. This idea doesn’t need much maintenance and once built, remains intact for decades.

Vegetable Landscaping

Vegetable garden for landscaping in the backyard

More and more people are converting their land into vegetable gardens. The reason is that vegetable gardens not only beautify the area but also give you fresh fruits and vegetables for your personal consumption. This type of landscaping is also known as edible landscaping. There are numerous vegetables which can be grown in your garden. Some examples are peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and onions. For those with more space, you can plant squash or pumpkins.

Herbs, such as dill, basil, and rosemary, can be planted within the vegetable garden. Herbs do not take up much space so many usable herbs can be grown in an extremely small space. You could also create a small garden box with tomatoes, dill, and basil planted. When everything is ready to be harvested in your “Tomato Salad” garden box, simply pluck a few tomatoes, pick some basil leaves, and tear some dill off your plants and you have your main vegetable and herbs for a delicious salad!

Vegetable landscaping is not only inexpensive but also can be done yourself without having to hire a professional. You can even grow trees like apple trees. Just be sure you have the space!

Fountains, Ponds, Streams

Using ponds, streams, and fountains for landscaping

A water feature like a fountain or a cascading waterfall can be added to beautify your landscape. Water features surrounded by colorful flowers and plants enhances the beauty of the space. You can purchase a water feature depending on your budget. They are available in different designs and structures. You can also surround it with a pebbled path. Water features attract wildlife and they can fit in smaller spaces. They make your landscape look unique and the sound of flowing water gives a pleasing effect to your ears.

Another option is to install a pond or stream. This is a time-consuming task and must be done in a precise fashion to prevent leaks or mechanical errors but is well worth it. It is also highly recommended to hire a professional landscaper for this type of job.

The Greenhouse

Backyard greenhouse as a way to beautify property and to grow plants

An interesting functional design idea that is starting to catch on is the use of greenhouses or potting shields made from glass with a framework of wood or metal. This not only adds an interesting and attractive structure on your property but also adds benefits to the environment. This landscaping is idea is economical and environment friendly. It does need care, but it changes the whole look of your landscape.

Greenhouses add an extra living area if you design it properly. There can be a separate space for growing and a separate space for living. The living area can house a desk and sofa to make it more of an office, or a bed and nightstand can be placed to create a sleeping area. This of course would involve ventilation as greenhouses get extremely hot. Another idea is to use the entire area for growing and randomly place the furniture within the planting areas to create your own personal oasis.

Hedges and Topiary

Hedges and topiary in landscape to create a privacy fence and to block sound, wind, snow.

Live hedges can be used to create a fence or wall, to direct people where you would like them to walk, or to simply create a visually appealing display. They also create a barrier for wind, snow, and sound. Common plants used to a create hedge or privacy fence is the Arborvitae, Juniper, Privet, and Holly. These plants are extremely hardy and require routine pruning to maintain its desired shape.

Be sure to research on the care for each type of plant that you are planning to use in your landscape. For example, if Juniper plants aren’t properly cared for, the bottom branches may die. This isn’t much of a problem for most plants, but some types of Juniper plants do not grow back their branches, so you are left with a plant that always appears to be half dead.   

Topiary is the art of converting the plants into different structures like of an animal or bird or creating arches out of plants. The more creative you are with the topiary, the more fascinating it looks. A combination of evergreen shrubs which are a little hard and can withstand trimming should be used for making a topiary. Geometric shapes like triangle, spheres, cones are the common shapes of topiary. Creating a topiary is not an easy task and it is suggested to hire a professional for both the creation and maintenance of a topiary.

Landscaping is very essential as it not only adds value to your home, but it also keeps you close to nature. There are myriad of creative ways to beautify your landscape. Try any of the above designs to convert your outdoor space into a magical paradise and leave your visitors starry-eyed!