Workers removing carpet and items from a house for junk removal services

Junk removal services come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties. A homeowner might need to dispose of yard debris after a storm. A business owner might require specialists to perform e-junk removal and get rid of their old printers, copiers, filing cabinets, computers, and old phones, so they can replace them with new equipment. No matter what the service needs or how big/small the job is, the right junk removal experts can handle the task at hand. This is where our team can help you with our professional experts of licensed and insured junk haulers!


We’re industry leaders in the junk removal niche. Our team is:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Professional, courteous, and customer-service focused
  • Affordable and offers competitive rates
  • Fast and efficient

We strive to provide the best services possible to our local customers. We also perform commercial junk removal and residential services. We can haul, dispose of, remove, and clean up after we’re done, leaving your property looking like brand new when we’re through with our work. We do not skip any corners or take shortcuts in our processes. Therefore, we will guarantee your satisfaction with the services offered, and that our team of haulers and removal experts, work efficiently so we can get through with the job as quickly as possible.

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Junk removal items on the curb at a residential or commercial property

Our company offers junk disposal for commercial, residential, and construction sites. Some of the items we’ll dispose of include

  • Furniture (couches, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Office equipment (desks, chairs, lamps, etc.)
  • E-junk (fax, copiers, scanners, computers, printers, etc.)
  • Yard cleanup including branches, leaves, twigs, and outdoor messes
  • TV disposal and recycling

We can also dispose of refrigerators, hot tubs, construction waste, garbage disposal, and general recycling. If you need to remove it from your property, and do not have the resources to do the work yourself, we can help you out!

Every disposal job will incur a different rate, based upon the items you need us to get rid of. Therefore, we need to request an inventory of items you need us to remove and recycle before you hire us. This allows us to determine how many crew members we must send to your home or business. It also allows us to provide you bulk-rate pricing, in case you need us to do additional cleaning or recycling work, after we remove the junk from your property, and dispose of it for you.

We offer a wide range of services for local customers. Do not hesitate to contact us. We know that every situation is different and work to understand your specific needs.

When do you need a junk removal team?

Property All workers removing furniture for junk removal

It depends. Every individual/company differs. But, if you have so much clutter in your office that you can’t see the floors, or if you are dealing with removing extremely large items from your home, you might choose to call a junk removal expert. If you’re moving, and don’t have the resources to lift heavy items, you might also choose to hire junk removal experts. And, if you need a yard, parking lot, or other outdoor cleanup services, after a storm or other emergency cleaning needs, you should hire a specialist. You don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way. Hiring a company that specializes in these services and knows how to spot dangers and do the work safely, is the best approach to cleaning up.

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Our Process

The process we take will depend on the client’s needs. Depending on the size of your home or business, what you need us to dispose of, and the type of site we’re visiting, are all variables that will be considered.

For residential services, we will begin by arriving at your home. We will go to the area of your home you need us to remove the items from and begin with the heavier items first. Depending on what we’re hauling, we might need equipment or tools to unplug or remove certain items from your home.

For our commercial jobs, we’ll take a similar approach. Depending on what we’re disposing of, we might dispatch a crew of two to four team members. We’ll have our team remove and dispose of the desired materials in an expedient and careful manner. We also offer construction site cleanup and yard debris cleanup. Again, the steps we take will vary for each job.

The best way to determine how we will get rid of the junk is to call us for a service quote. Be prepared to provide us a list of items/inventory we will be disposing of – what you need us to haul away, and what items will absolutely stay behind. We will also ask what rooms we will be working in, and if there are items that need to be recycled, or if there are hazardous waste items to be aware of.

Every job will differ in approach and the number of team members we dispatch. However, for every job, we remove, dispose, and clean up (upon request) after we’re finished.


What if the items that you need to dispose of are cabinets that are mounted on the walls of your home? Or, how do you handle items that are much too large to move to the curb or out of the building? These are situations where you may need to pair labor services with junk removal services. Much like standard junk removal services where items are placed on the curb or in an easily accessible area, labor services vary with each job.  

When you should consider pairing labor with junk removal?

If you’re unsure about calling a company to get rid of old junk, there are some instances when you should make the call. Some of the reasons to hire specialists, rather than try to do the work yourself are

  1. After storms or other emergency services (there might be downed wires, live electrical wires, or other hazards you can’t see)
  2. When you are looking to remove stationary items from your home or business
  3. There’s too much for you to haul off and dispose of yourself and you need a crew to do the work
  4. Any other instances that go above and beyond a worker simply picking an item up and placing it in our junk removal vans

These are a few situations where hiring a company to remove old junk and dispose of it is a smart decision. It’s safer, we have the crew and resources, and it will usually be cheaper than trying to do the work yourself, since you won’t spend money/resources to try to get it done.

How many crew members are needed?

The size of the job, location, whether it’s commercial or residential, and the items we’re disposing of, will dictate the number of crew members we dispatch to jobs. For most jobs we will dispatch at least two crew members (driver and hauler) to work together to remove heavy, large, or stationary objects.

It is a case-by-case determination we’ll make when deciding how many crew members are needed to do the job. When we offer our service quote, we will let you know how many team members will arrive, and what our hourly rate is, based on the number of specialists we dispatch to complete the job.

What’s included in the rates I’m quoted?

With our services, we offer

  • Driving and hauling
  • Removal of items we’re disposing of from your home or business
  • Moving these items to our trucks safely without leaving a mess/trail behind
  • Unplugging electronics or other items we’re disposing of safely
  • Hauling the items off your property
  • Transporting to the appropriate facility

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Junk removal items outside of a building for pickup

Still not sure if you need a junk removal team to get rid of junk? These are some questions/answers that will help you make that decision a little easier.

Q: What will it cost?

A: It depends. We perform a site inspection and we provide a quote based on what we’re hauling, where, and other factors. Special cases will increase/decrease costs, so contact us so we can provide you a better idea.

Q: Who will come to my home/business?

A: Our team only consists of experts with years of experience. Additionally, they have insurance and are licensed, so you never have to be concerned about our experience. And, you can feel safe with the crew we dispatch to your home or business.

Q: Do you offer same-day removal?

A: Yes, we can do same-day services. Typically, if we are notified in the morning, we will be able to send a junk removal specialist to your site later in the day. There may be an additional fee associated with urgent, same-day requests. If you need emergency services, please contact us sooner than later. Our team is here to answer your questions, and we will discuss our availability with you to see if we can accommodate same-day services when you need us.

Q: Will I do anything (heavy-lifting) or does your crew do all the work?

A: When you hire us, feel free to sit back and relax. Or, feel free to remain anywhere outside the home while we’re working. We do everything from removing the items, placing them on our trucks, and cleaning up behind us to avoid leaving a mess behind for you.

If your job requires our specialists to perform labor services such as removing items mounted onto walls, tearing down materials, breaking down equipment or furniture, etc. be sure to let our representative know this.  Anything above and beyond our pros simply picking up items and placing them into our vans needs to be added onto your junk removal service package.  

Q: Does your company throw everything away?

A: Yes. We recycle items appropriately or take them to special facilities in certain cases if they aren’t accepted in recycling facilities. We are Eco-friendly, we do the work properly, and we make sure all junk is taken to the appropriate location for disposal. You don’t have to worry about fines, fees, or any penalties for improper disposal when you hire our crew for the job.

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