Property All landscaper trimming shrubs in the spring

Landscaping services for residential and commercial properties should be left to the professionals. A licensed company has the credentials to clean, trim, maintain, plant, and perform other outdoor maintenance services in your lawn. Professional landscapers also have the industry knowledge required to do the job well. From stump grinding and removal to professional maintenance and general cleanup, you want to know the best professionals are handling the job. This is where the Property All team of professional landscaping specialists can help!


Property All specializes in landscaping and maintenance services. We have commercial insurance and we’re bonded. You never have to worry that we don’t have the resources, manpower, or equipment to do the job. We have invested in the best commercial-grade equipment to maintain your lawn and garden area. What more do we offer that the competition doesn’t?

  • Our company has necessary licenses highlighting our landscapers’ credentials
  • Our team has years of experience in tree services and landscape design/maintenance work
  • We are affordable, and we pride ourselves on transparency
  • We offer free service quotes to locals; you’ll never feel pressured to hire us and we’ll discuss all details of the work we’re providing
  • Our team of specialists has established experts in their practice; we’ll always send the best specialists to your home or business, so you don’t have to worry about our crew not having the knowledge or equipment necessary to do the work we’re hired for
  • We offer fast response times, emergency calls/visits, and we’re detail-oriented; we aren’t going to skip any steps in the execution
  • Our team offers competitive rates; if you have a quote from a competitor, let us know!

Call us at 855-PROP-ALL (855-776-7255) or simply fill out our online form to discuss how Property All can assist you in all of your landscaping needs!


The landscaping and maintenance crew at Property All offer multiple services for our local residential and commercial clients. We have the equipment needed to climb tall trees, grind stumps, and pruning shears to create an elegant design entryway floral wall leading up to your home or business’s entry. These are a few of the services we can perform for residential and commercial customers.

Spring Cleanup

Spring cleanup services

When spring rolls around, you want your property to look clean, safe, and organized. Spring cleanup services include

  1. Clearing falling leaves, branches, limbs, and debris that’s been sitting after winter has ended
  2. We haul and remove debris
  3. Our crew can mow, trim, and cut your lawn and garden
  4. Installation of new floral beds and edging services
  5. Defining the borders around the lawn
  6. Performing aeration services outside your lawn/garden

If you’re ready to plant new trees or floral arrangements, we’ll lay down the foundation as well. If there are damaged areas around the lawn, we can reseed these areas. Because winter can wreak havoc on your lawn, we can replant new grass, add new soil, or compost, to help the lawn flourish now that the weather is improving.

Everything has been sitting under a pile of snow for a few months. Let us come to your home or business to revive your lawn and garden with our maintenance and cleanup services.

Fall Cleanup

Worker blowing leaves for fall cleanup services

The summer can be just as damaging to your lawn and garden as the winter. It is going to have the opposite effect, however. The sunlight can damage or kill your lawn. The warm weather might cause droughts in certain areas, causing your floral beds to die. If this has occurred, our crew performs general maintenance and fall cleanup services. And, Property All landscaping experts can replant, revive, and improve your lawn and garden’s appearance in no time.

Our fall cleanup services include

  • Cleaning up debris, removing dead limbs and branches, and removing weeds from your lawn
  • Aeration, watering, feeding and adding compost to the soil
  • We will rake mulch onto floral beds to help them retain water levels and allow your garden to grow
  • Mow the lawn, trim the weeds, and hedge the grass walls outside your property
  • If there are rogue branches and limbs, we’ll trim these to allow your trees to begin to grow and flourish again

If we need to remove stumps, grind them, or otherwise discard of dead trees and floral arrangements, we can also do this while cleaning up your lawn and garden.

Our general maintenance and landscaping services will differ for every customer. We understand that a large commercial business might require twice as many personnel to get the job done. We might also need to use heavy-duty equipment, lifters, and industrial-grade power tools, to get the job done. If it’s a small house, where you just need us to remove dead grass and replant a new lawn, we can also tackle this job for you. There’s no fall cleanup job that we can’t handle.

Contact us at 855-PROP-ALL (855-776-7255) or fill out our online form.

Mowing, Trimming, and Irrigation

Property All landscaper mowing a commercial property

We do more than general cleaning services. Our team of landscapers also offer general mowing and trimming services. We can trim the hedges, overgrown limbs, remove debris, or cut off branches that might fall off trees if they’re too heavy. The crew at Property All can also determine if any dead trees must be removed. Dead trees might be unsightly, but they are also grounds for contamination. Pests will flock to dead trees, and a dead tree can contaminate other live/flourishing trees and floral arrangements in your garden. Therefore, removing it is the best way to keep your garden clean, fresh, and healthy.

Our trimming services help protect your trees, shrubs, and hedges. Trimming is essential to ensure even growth of new leaves. It allows your shrubs and trees to flourish. By removing dead leaves and branches in the trimming process, your trees will thrive and are going to continue a healthy growth pattern.

Property All is also experienced in irrigation installs, replacements, and removals. Irrigation systems assist in providing water to plants and trees in a highly efficient manner which will save money in the long run. These systems are intricate and require a specialist to plan, blueprint, assemble, install, and maintain.  We have had decades of experience in the irrigation field and will handle all aspects of the job.

Planting & Routine Maintenance

Laborer installing grass and new sod at a business

If you’re interested in changing up the appearance of your lawn and garden, we can plant new floral arrangements, beds, shrubs, trees, or even install a new grass wall. If you have a large outdoor panel, fence, or column, we can add ivy or other distinct grass that can grow around it, to create an ornate, distinct appearance outside your lawn and garden.

Property All offers general maintenance services as well. Clean up after a storm, removal of dead limbs and branches, removing clutter and debris from your yard, or climbing the roof and removing dead branches and leaves, are a few of the services our crew will perform. We have professional blowers, cutters, trimmers, hedging equipment, and edgers. This allows us to do the job quickly, efficiently, and we’ll get rid of the mess that’s currently sitting in your yard.

Tree Services: Planting, Trimming, Removal, Grinding, and More

Worker removing a rotted tree from a property with industrial grade equipment

Tree services come in many shapes and sizes; a residential job is much smaller than a commercial job which is why our team employs both residential and commercial landscapers. We offer

  • Tree trimming, limb and branch removal, and clearance of dead branches or limbs
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Dead tree removal
  • Planting shrubs, floral arrangements, flower beds, trees, vines, etc.
  • Removal and replacement of mulch, dead grass/lawn
  • Reseeding services for new growth of plants and trees

Our team can also perform emergency services. If there is a storm or other emergency that knocks down a tree in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t try to move it yourself. You never know how heavy it is, or what might happen below the surface, if you aren’t careful. Our company has the experience to perform removal and emergency services. We also have the heavy-duty equipment and lifters to safely remove the tree, grind any stumps after removal, and level the ground, to ensure the area is safe after we’re done with the job.

You don’t want to run the risk of trying to remove dead trees, branches, limbs, or clutter after a major storm yourself. You never know what is lurking below those trees, or if there are downed wires nearby. Our team knows how to check wires, shut off the electricity if needed, check what’s below the surface, and safely perform the emergency clean-up work you need us to perform outside your home or commercial property.

We have a large crew at Property All, so we can do emergency work on your commercial property or smaller residential jobs. Customers never have to wonder who will be dispatched to their home or business. As we’ve highlighted, we employ specialists in all areas of landscaping and maintenance services. We are always going to send the leading experts on our team for the service call you make when you choose us for local tree service needs.

Contact us today at 855-PROP-ALL (855-776-7255) or fill out our simple online form.


Trimming bushes for landscape services in a residential community

Here are a few questions/answers you should know before hiring a local landscaping and maintenance crew.

Q: Why Property All?

A: We offer several services to customers both in commercial and residential landscaping and maintenance work. Our crew is

  • Fully trained to do the work you hire us for
  • Going to use commercial and industrial-grade equipment to get the job done
  • Capable of working quickly and responding to emergency jobs
  • Large enough to handle a major commercial revamp or completely replanting your lawn and garden outside your home

Property All offers affordable rates and we strive for 100% satisfaction. We want you to be pleased with how your lawn looks, so we’re going to work with you to make sure we achieve this objective. We work quickly, have quick response times, and we will work with you, even if you’re on a restricted budget. Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about or maintenance and landscaping services today.

Q: When is the best time to hire a landscaping professional?

A: The best time of year to begin landscaping/maintenance work is between April and May (Spring). Because the snow has melted, the weather is warmer, and we can safely plant trees and grass, you don’t have to worry about it dying due to freeze or frost. This is a great time because it also allows your trees and flowers to grow through the Summer season. And, if you hire us to plant your trees/flowers, we’re going to choose weather/region appropriate trees, to ensure they aren’t going to die when the warmer months approach.

Q: Who works on your property?

A: Our landscapers are

  • Insured and licensed
  • Bonded
  • Supervised
  • Fully-trained, and continually undergo industry training to do the job properly.

We vet our landscapers before hiring them. We want to make sure we hire the best crew to perform our landscaping and maintenance services to our customers. However, we want our customers to trust us, and to feel safe when we’re at their home or business.

Q: Do you work around fences, lawn ornaments, fountains, etc.?

A: Yes. We use the best equipment including hedgers, edgers, professional lawnmowers (standing and riding), and pruning shears to work around your lawn. It does not matter what obstruction we come across, we have the equipment we need to get the job you hired us for done quickly. We focus on working around your fencing and driveway and we’ll guarantee that we aren’t going to damage these areas because we use the right equipment and take the proper steps to protect these areas when we’re working in your lawn.

Q: Why do I need to hire a professional landscaping company for tree services?

A: Although trees are powerful, they are susceptible to certain illnesses and problems. If these problems aren’t dealt with properly, they’re going to continue, and this can infect other areas of the lawn and garden. For example, fungi, bacterial growth, tree cancer, or other illnesses will plague your garden, shrubs, perennials, and floral beds, if you don’t tend to the tree that is ill. Our team not only knows how to remove the dead tree, but also prevent the spreading of infections, tree cancer, fungi, or other bacteria, to the remaining areas of your lawn and garden.

Call us today at 855-PROP-ALL (855-776-7255) or fill out our simple online form more information!