Property All equipment removing snow

Whether it is your home or business, if snow piles up outside your property, you’re looking for trouble. It’s dangerous for your family when they’re coming in and out of the home. Especially if the snow has slick ice sheets developing below it that you can’t see. And, you’re running the risk of a lawsuit, primarily as a business owner. Just imagine a slip and fall on your property. You’re screaming, “I’m liable” at the top of your lungs if a customer or visitor falls on your property because it isn’t well-kept.

This is the reason professional snow removal, shoveling, and salting services must be performed routinely. These services must be completed by the top specialists. The company you hire should have proper licensing to do the work. It’s also important for removal specialists to show up in full uniform and company vehicles. Additionally, snow removal experts should have the best equipment and years of industry experience. These are a few guarantees that the work’s going to be done right, and that the customer is going to call you for repeat services when needed.

For customers who are looking for the top licensed companies, and a team of bonded and insured specialists, look no further! We’re here to help! Our team is dedicated, we respond quickly, we use the right equipment, and our experienced snow removal specialists, work diligently to do the job quickly.


Property All arrives quickly when you need snow removed from your yard, deck, or parking lot. We are qualified, we have excellent online reviews, and we’re dedicated to providing the highest standards of service.

We respond immediately and if there’s an overnight snowstorm or downpour, we’ll get to you quickly

  • We perform services on residential property and commercial property
  • Our team responds in all snow events including blizzards, with commercial-grade plowing trucks, lifters, and equipment
  • You don’t have to worry about quality or attention to detail. We don’t skip any steps or take shortcuts in our work, we work diligently and focus on cleaning your property quickly.
  • Our ordering process is simple:

Contact us at 855-PROP-ALL (855-776-7255) or fill out our simple online form for a quote!

We are competitively priced as well. You don’t have to worry about us gouging our rates just because a winter storm is passing through. Nor do you have to worry about us charging you more just because there are steps outside your property or you’re a commercial business owner.

We abide by industry standards, and we’re reasonably priced, in a field that is competitive and offers several great options to customers. But what is most important is our guarantee to you. We strive for 100% satisfaction, and our experts will work to ensure we achieve that. We know you need your property well-kept and safe. Our team will take all necessary steps to ensure this is achieved.


Our company has years of experience in professional snow removal, shoveling, plowing, and salting. What does this mean for you? We’re a full-service company. Our team will bring all necessary equipment, we’ll use the appropriate techniques to remove snow we create clearance space, and we make sure that we leave your property as safe as possible when we’re done with the job. You don’t have to worry about a visitor slipping on the stair because we didn’t put down enough salt. This isn’t going to happen when you call us! So, let’s focus on some of the services we offer to local businesses and local residential customers in need of professional snow removal services.


Property All worker shoveling snow from a commercial property

Utilizing professional-grade snow shovels, and electric-powered equipment, we’ll remove, push, and get rid of piles of snow from your property in no time at all. Our crew works to ensure

  • The safest and proper techniques are used on your property
  • We scrape the surfaces to get rid of hard, stuck-on ice so that it isn’t sitting there below a fluffy pile of white snow
  • We use the right equipment including gravel shovels, ice and salt shovels, and an avalanche shovel, for those huge piles of snow that won’t budge after the storm

Our team places a primary focus on safety and efficiency. We wear proper rubber-covered equipment and gear to prevent shock, water, or another electrical shock. We also use the proper wax to apply to our snow shovels. This ensures they’re smooth and can easily lift the snow. It also allows us to dig deep into cement, pavement, or other rough surfaces, without worrying about the shovel getting stuck onto the ground.

We develop a plan before we begin shoveling. Depending on how much snow there is to remove, where it is located, and how large your property is, the techniques are going to differ in each case. Our team of specialists who are licensed in these services, take necessary precautions and measures to get the job done accordingly. We focus on efficiency, safety, and getting the job done in less time, without leaving behind traces of snow or ice that can potentially be dangerous when we leave your property.

Snow shoveling doesn’t stop at the steps and lawn. We focus on the:

  • Shrubs and foliage
  • Remove branches, limbs, and other exposed areas where snow might be hidden under
  • Get rid of plants and roots that are dangerous or hazardous on your property

Additionally, if we need to bring in a snowblower, we can do so. In smaller entryways, parking lots, driveways, or other areas of your home or business, we can use this equipment to help us breeze through soft, fluffy piles of snow that are just sitting in the way. We know the right approach to take, and we create a customized plan for snow shoveling before we begin the job.

You can reach us at 855-PROP-ALL (855-776-7255) or by filling out our simple online form for a quote!


Snow plow removing snow from community

Snow plowing or snow removal is another area that our team can complete when you hire us for snow clean up and removal services. Many people who aren’t experienced with plowing, when using their truck, damage the transmission. The reason is that they’re putting too much pressure on it and are working in overdrive to get the job done. We know this is the wrong approach to take.

We work slowly, meticulously, and we focus on getting the job done properly, as opposed to trying to power through it in a few minutes. When performing snow plowing, we can perform snow icing and de-icing services as well. Freezing rain, black ice, and frozen fog further increases the danger and possibility for injuries on your property. This is because you can’t see the slick layer of ice below the snow. The result of this includes slips, falls, and other outdoor accidents. All of these are occurrences you want to avoid when you are maintaining your home or business.

Our snow plowing services use the best equipment to work on rough terrain, rugged grounds, grass, mulch, or other surfaces. After snowplowing, we apply an anti-icing application on your property. This helps prevent ice from slicking and sticking. It is also going to ensure visitors do not slip and fall because they can’t see the black ice or other ice layers that are hidden below the surface.

Our team is trained, and we have the best equipment in the industry. We are prepared to handle any storm, big or small.


Salted entry way to business in the winter

Winter is a dangerous time of year. Our salting services are extremely important after a snowstorm, or after very cold conditions where water or condensation has formed a layer over the cement on your property. The reason for this is that you can’t see the black ice or fog, meaning someone can slip when they walk over those surfaces. Our salting services are part of our full-service package of snow removal services.

Our team will apply

  • Salt over cement, driveways, entryways, and slick surfaces
  • Salt to stairs or ramps
  • Layers of salt over a parking lot or potholes
  • Salt layers to the porch, patio, or other surfaces that are often slick and slippery when stepping outside in snowy or cold conditions.

Salt is a great slip prevention barrier. By applying a layer of salt to the road and cement, we can reduce freezing points of water forming ice on your property. When water melts it is dangerous and can lead to slips, falls, or other tumbles outside. With salting, we can help prevent that water from slicking or freezing over, meaning your driveway, patio, porch, or other cement surfaces, are not as dangerous and aren’t prone to as many accidents as those areas which aren’t salted.

Salting is only as good as the quality of the salt and the team that applies the salt onto your property. Calling the right team for the job is extremely important. Do not hesitate to call our team today to learn more about our snow removal, plowing, and professional salting services. We’ll create a package that’s best suited for you, and help you determine which services are necessary if you want to keep your property safe and prevent accidents and injuries from occurring as the winter season continues.

Call us at 855-PROP-ALL (855-776-7255) or fill out our simple contact form for a quote!


Q: Do you remove snow and salt residential and commercial properties?

A: Yes, our teams work with both residential and commercial customers. We can create a package that’s suited for your home, business, or property’s needs. Because of the amount of snow, piling, and the type of snow (ice) that has settled on your property, every job will differ. Our team will assess your property, the best approach to remove the snow and ice, and offer you a specialized-quote for your service needs.

Q: What’s included in snow removal services?

A: It depends on the type of services you choose. Our company offers

  • Snow plowing
  • Snow removal
  • Salting
  • Clean-up
  • Ice removal
  • Custom packages for your property

Every property is different. In some smaller areas, you might only need us to apply a thin layer of salt over the grass. On a large, commercial property, companies might require us to cover 10,000+ square feet of space, plow, remove, and clean up the area when we’re done. Depending on the services you need us to complete, your price quote will vary.

Q: Why salt instead of the plowing services in some cases?

A: In some instances, salting is the best approach. Different storms are going to require a different technique or configuration from our team. Only upon inspecting your property can we determine what that technique is. If it is below 20 degrees F and there’s no sign of the temperature rising, we may not need to immediately salt your property. It would not be an effective solution. On the flip side, if the weather is sunny and shiny, salt might be the best approach. Even if it is 20 degrees outside, with the conditions it appears the temperatures will rise.

We’ll assess the situation when we arrive at your property to determine the best removal or plowing techniques.

Q: Do I need professional snow removal and plowing services?

A: In short, you don’t HAVE to hire a professional company, but it’s highly beneficial to do so! The reasons for this include

  1. We guarantee our work, timely services, and we’ll get to you quickly during storms
  2. Our team assesses each job individually, we don’t have a “canned approach”
  3. We understand snow, weather conditions, and dangers, so we know how to approach removal services
  4. Our company is fair, honest, and we use the best commercial-grade equipment for all jobs
  5. We offer affordable rates and put your satisfaction first when you choose to hire us for the job.

Still not sure if you need to hire a professional snow removal company?

Give us a call today at 855-PROP-ALL (855-776-7255) or fill out our online contact form for a quote and to learn more about the approach we will take when plowing, clearing, cleaning, removing, and salting your property.